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11th September, Robyn O'Connor- Homelessness

The homeless or those couch surfing, in Yarra they are not visible as in the city. She has to keep in touch and get them assessed for emergency housing and protect them, away from domestic violence. From earlier census there are 700 accommodation units for use between  Seymour and the Murray River.

There are approximately 4000 requests for assistance per annum. Terminology like traditional, transitional are phrases we never hear but this is the way situations are identified and prioritised.

Old statistics 2006 in the O&M area there were 70/1000 seeking assistance .

The state level was 42/1000

Robin described 3 levels of homelessness.

  1. No accommodation, living rough
  2. One shelter to another, to refuges as in Albury and Shepparton.
  3. Boarding house / caravan park / having to move on, especially in the more affluent areas as rent too much.

Domestic violence, (can be physical verbal, financial, sexual, social)  is the biggest cause of homelessness. There is an increase in the number of older women becoming homeless.

Police know the emergency numbers.

Those fortunate enough to obtain a unit/house and have employment must pay 25% of their income in rent.

Thank you Robin. You do well to be surrounded with such depressing information constantly and manage to stay so focused on what is expected of you.