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19th June: Veronica McNaught - The Person Behind The Badge

Her life is inspired by her mother and Paul Brock , an English teacher. Veronica is one of 11 siblings, she has 5 sisters and 4 brothers (one is deceased). Born in the Western district, moved to Finley, when a three year old, where her father raised cattle. Sold out and moved to Goulburn and later to Lismore. With the crash of the cattle market her father was at a loss as what to do. Around this time her father passed away. She was 16. At Lismore the family had a piggery that her mother now managed. In Veronica's school and Uni holidays she enjoyed shoveling out the piggery . (That would be an original classification for Rotary) “Shoveling excrement” Veronica is very proud and excited about the success and achievements of her siblings first of all and is extremely happy with the success and commitment of her four children. Veronica heads up the English department at Finley High School and has had the satisfaction of seeing her students achieve outstanding results. Her mother went on a holiday to New Zealand at 64 and returned with a new man in her life , whom she married 6 weeks later. Her mother passed away 6 years ago at the age of 94 , proudly leaving 100 direct descendants. Early in her teaching career she was transferred to Albury, went with her mother to a wedding at Finley where she met and married John who was developing a fertilizer and transport business that functions out of Berrigan and Finley. They have since separated. In 1995 veronica ran the city to Surf. In two weeks she will be in San Francisco to visit one of her daughters.