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26th June Christy and Garry Warrendar

Guest Speakers Christy and Garry Warrendar are the parents of our Rotary Exchange student Halle, who is presently in Germany.

Halle left Australia last January and will return next January. Christy and Garry are extremely happy with the whole event. Halle did her own research re being an overseas exchange student and all of the options that are available.

The Australian group flew out of Melbourne , via Singapore to Frankfurt where they dispersed in all directions. Halle had no German language but managed to continue on to her first host family. The hospitality and support she received has put her parents concern at ease.

Halle was put down a class to year nine. She has, for the last 4 months, been having intensive training with a German tutor. Her favorite subject is Latin. She will be going to Italy for a school excursion. There will be a two week whirlwind tour of Europe visiting the major places of interest and getting an overall feel for the diversity and closeness of the different countries.

Under the umbrella of Rotary her parents feel she has attained a degree of maturity and self confidence that will inspire her for life.