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Jan 23 - “Member Behind the Badge”, Peter Viner.

Born in Adelaide , his parents had a large furniture removal business and he was actually driving trucks at the age of 14.

After leaving school he took a position, for four years, with AMP moving up to be involved with sales training and support. Moved , by boat , to London with a boat load  of  “jilted” young ladies . Maintains that the trip was a 5 week party. After travelling around England and down to Morocco for a year, his finances dried up and he got homesick and returned to Adelaide. He met and married Cheryl then soon after changed from insurance to IBM. Initially he sold “Golf Ball” typewriters and later IBM computers . After 15 years he left IBM and moved to Wang Computers. About this time he joined the RC of Adelaide South, experienced the Presidents position twice but his favorite interest was International.  After 12 months he moved to Oracle Corporation, another American company. Eight years later he moved to another locally based software and services company until retiring 16 years later.

Within one week of retiring, Caravanning became the main activity for he and Cheryl. Several years later, having sold the house in Adelaide, they have now moved to Yarrawonga where their daughter also resides. Lots of caravanning has been done and more is planned.

There is a block of land for sale at Silverwoods.