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August 1 - RACV Challenge


DonnaBigger from P-12 thanked the Rotary Club for it’s contribution towards the schools participation in the RACV “Energy Breakthrough” event at Maryborough. As many as 45 students are involved added to that there are many parents and friends who take a great interest in the students activities. The programme has a strong focus on teamwork and group planning. As many as twenty thousand people attend this annually.

Donna showed a video presentation of the event.

Four students , Sienna, Leoni, Janani and Kaine went on to explain the 8 hour endurance race in a lay down trike vehicle including an obstacle course . Tight tyres a must. It involves as many as 8-15 riders. Another vehicle was pushed on grass with a passenger.

They had to completely disassemble the vehicle and put it back together again to get to understand how mechanical things work . The students have 2 hours practice every Wednesday at school .