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May 16th - Greg & Karen Bayne.

Greg & Karen Bayne are the owners of “Red Baron ASLE” – Advanced Specialist Lifesupport Equipment.- which they operate from Hanger 17 at the aerodrome at Yarrawonga. Greg was initially in the RAAF and 16 years ago they took over Red Baron upholstering business here, branched into cabin interiors and in 2011 branched into ALSE. They now supply helmets, chutes and clothing to services like Air Medical, Defense Force, Westpac Rescue, Police Air Wing and sell to UAE, Philippines, and are expanding further. They sell night vision on helmets, Life rafts, Life Vests, Pilot Communications, Fire rated clothing and Anti Exposure Suits. They produced the helmets used in the movie “San Andreas Fault” They also sell locator beacons with GPS & a 5yr battery that will alert in Canberra in 5 mins for $329. Karen passed around a beacon, a helmet and a fire proof glove and answered questions. Jenny Dight thanked them for such an interesting insight into their business and presented a gift