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4th April: Vanessa Leonard - RYLA

Tony introduced Vanessa Leonard who is a RYLARIAN (2008) and is now a leader and coach at RYLA Camps. She is a Primary School teacher at Myrtleford and a member of the RC Myrtleford & Sgt at Arms. She was also a member of a GSE Team to Philippines 2013.
Rotary Youth Leadership is for people 18 – 30, although it is really more suitable for those in their 21s. Many professions were with her – doctor, nurse, comedian, student, teacher.
The week starts when they get on the bus and is a busy time filled with learning, trust exercises, challenges and fun. Vanessa challenged the Club to send someone to the next RYLA week in March 2017.
Tony thanked Vanessa for her presentation and President John assured her we would actively seek a suitable person.