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13th April - Rob Wallace and friends: Portsea Youth Camp

Bella Seamer – attended the January camp and really enjoyed all of the activities and making friends. Some of her favourites were the giant swing, flying fox, the beach and snorkelling, the concert and the food, especially second helpings of dessert. Bella really enjoyed her time at the camp and will participate again next year. She thanked the club for their sponsorship of this program. 

Jackson Woosnam – provided his own powerpoint presentation (very impressive). He participated in all the activities and like Bella, really enjoyed the giant swing and flying fox, as well as sleeping in a tepee, the boat ride and the concert where he was an mc for the night. Jackson would love to do future camps and when 16 would like to be a Junior Leader. He thanked the club for the sponsorship of the program. 

Claire Gee – Claire has found the Portsea Camp to be eye opening and very rewarding. She has been attending the camp since 2009 and the last two camps has been a Junior Leader. During these camps, Claire has enjoyed all of the activities on offer, has helped other children and made friends along the way. Claire also thanked the club.

Rob then called on Claire Smith from Yarrawonga P12 to come forward where he presented her with a certificate of appreciation from our club for her contribution as a childrens counsellor on these camps. This has enabled more children to attend the camps due to her involvement. Claire will be heading to the UK next year for 12 months and possibly longer, so we wish her well in her travels. 

Rob then called on John Bennell from the Woodturners Club to come forward to accept a certificate of appreciation from the Portsea Camp. This certificate was awarded to Colin Booth from the Woodturners, who sadly passed away recently. This certificate was in recognition of the work Colin did over the last 4 years, making kits for the children for the camp. These kits included pencil cases and tool boxes. Rob believes Colin would have made 300-400 kits during this time, a great effort.

In finishing, Rob also thanked our club for their support of the Portsea Camp over many years. In particular, Noel Tinney has run this program at Club level, advertising, collecting monies, and assisting with escorting on transport when needed – a great effort Noel.

For pictures from the night and from the camp, Click Here