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30th March - Darryl Mills: East Timor

Daryl Mills  RC Dilli and RI Co-ordinator for Timor Leste & ROMAC Co-ordinator 

Jenny Dight introduced Daryl saying that she had met Daryl 12 months ago when she and 8 friends went as tourists with gifts to see how the country was progressing since Independence.

Daryl has been in Timor Leste, which is only 400km from Darwin, since 2003 and is funded by the RC of Camberwell but this money could run out soon. Victoria provides most of the funds and assistance to TL.

Daryl spoke about some of the 95 children helped by ROMAC and also gave an example of how a child can be helped here but then succumb to a simple infection when home again. He encouraged any clubs who wanted to help in Timor Leste to either make a donation to DIK to send a container, maybe think about making a commitment to support Camberwell in the next few years, make a donation to ROMAC or organize a RAWCS Team. There are often 50 projects at a time, big and small, being done. Daryl answered many questions in an open and frank manner.

International Director Jack Sterkenburg presented a Club Cheque of $2000 for ROMAC.

Jenny thanked Daryl and encouraged those who maybe can’t physically work, to go as tourists to boost the emerging economy.