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23rd March- Ian Robins; Commercial Pilot

Guest Speaker, Ian Robins

Ian retired in 2011 from Singapore Airlines after a long career as a pilot. He wanted to be a pilot since he was 4 after seeing a crop duster in a Tiger Moth. He paid for flying lessons by cutting bracken  & hay and got his licence at 16. He flew crop dusting until in 1970 he went to Melbourne in the Public Service and got up hours flying at Moorabbin. In 1974 he went to Lae in PNG for 6 months. Later in 1974 he joined Ansett and gradually worked his way up, flying all planes. The pilots’ strike gave them more flying hours and after Ansett folded he went to Singapore for 9 years. There, pilots take a 10% pay cut at 60 and must retire at 62.  He now does some simulator Training for Jetstar.