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16th March - Bruce Pigdon: Gorman Park

The original 6 trustees went on to set up, in 1925, the Grove Picture Company which showed movies in the Athenaeum Hall and gave £100 to the RSL and YFC. In 1927, they set up the Open Air Theatre in what is now Rotary Park in Belmore Street. They set up a fund and set aside £5 a week to a fund to purchase foreshore land.  In 1945 land was purchased along the foreshore and £400 for a camping ground and £500 for the Pool was spent. In this year also John Grant began his 60 years of service on the now named Alexander Trust. £20,000 was generated from the picture theatre. In the ensuing years support was given to the Hospital, Mulwala Rec. Reserve and Hall, as well as many community organizations – Scouts, Guides, SES, CFA, Toy Library and many others. They prefer to give quietly and manage from interest after selling some land.

The latest venture is the establishment of the walking tracks & benches in Gorman Park after Rotary suggestion. $150,000 has been spent on this and beautification and tree planting but no toilets or BBQ as there is an intention to keep the land in as natural state as possible. The Committee now includes Jeff Haebich, David Skewes, Bruce and 3 others.