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14 May Jeremy Scott - THE LONG ROAD from a BROKEN HEART

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Jeremy Scott rode a bike from London to New Zealand, covering 53,000Km and taking over two and a half years. 

He was born with a hole in his heart but the surgeons would not operate until he was 4 years old.

Years later whilst living in London he read of people who had ridden bikes in some quite difficult and forbidding areas. Seven years later he headed out on his own to ride to New Zealand. The first time he rode a fully loaded bike was on the day he took off. His legs and his butt were his first concerns of discomfort.

The sheer pleasure of riding across Europe came up short when he got to Iran, although very beautiful, it was winter and minus 40 degrees. He had an incident with members of a drug gang, but managed to get away.

Through far East Asia and into West China where the temperature rose to 50 plus and sand storms were a serious hazard.

Through Vietnam across to Japan then back to Bali on to Darwin, where his 70 plus year old grandparents met and rode with him to Cairns. He actually rode 8000 km in Australia. Then across the south island of NZ before finally finishing his trip in Auckland.

Prior to taking on this challenge he was an architect. He had no sponsors. His self-funding cost about $700 per month.

There were times when he had to wait up to six weeks to get permission to pass through another country. His trip across the top of China was the only way he was allowed to go.

Next year he plans to ride around Australia for Rotary and the next year he plans to ride from Alaska to bottom of South America.

He has written the story of this ride, which can be purchased at “THE LONG ROAD from a BROKEN HEART”.  Price is $65.00, 10% of which is donated to the Australian Heart Foundation