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4th December - Peter Bennett

Local drivers are coordinated from Wangaratta. Cars can be sourced from the next nearest centre when local vehicles are booked.

There is no crossing of the border for backup either way.

The Fee for service is $55 to Albury and $75 to Melbourne where patients will be dropped off on the outskirts of the city. There are 400 providers in Australia of this transport system.

The cars do between 12-15000 klms per week. Yarra has over 20 volunteer drivers. There are 280 volunteers in the region with 30-40 cars in the pool.

There are 30-40 employees / coordinators employed in the system.

Peter’s advise is, if you have a need for a car, ring up and book, if a car is available, you go.

The biggest cost is the updating of the fleet.    E&OE