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23rd March- Ian Robins; Commercial Pilot

 Ian retired in 2011 from Singapore Airlines after a long career as a pilot. He wanted to be a pilot since he was 4 after seeing a crop duster in a Tiger Moth.


16th March - Bruce Pigdon: Gorman Park

Bruce gave an interesting account of the history of the Gorman Park, now Alexander Park Committee.
This consists of 100+ acres between the Golf Club and the river. Originally a Crown Land Grant in 1880 gave over 200 acres for the people of Yarrawonga for sport and leisure – this is now “The Grove”


Feb 23 Richard Young - From Ireland to Yarrawonga

Richard was born in Northern Ireland in 1972 so grew up with the “Troubles”  There were many bombings – both IRA and Catholics
 “Travel is fatal to bigotry and hate” is the quote that guided his journey.


16th February - World Understanding Month

Jack Sterkenburg gave a very interesting talk about his 3 months spent in Tanzania. Jack was offered an appointment with UNHCR, which he accepted. He was stationed in a small village of Ngara which was nearby to 5 refugee camps of 458,000 people who had fled from Rwanda.


23rd February: Ireland to Australia

Richard Young will speak at his Pub, The Terminus, about his life's journey from an Irish village to Yarrawonga

7 September - Jenny Dight - ROMAC

17th June

Year in Review 

Highlights from Annual Reports presented by Portfolio Directorsshowing the work done by the Club in our community.

For an idea of achievements for the year..... 


27th April - Susan Benedyka: Strategic Planning for our Club

Sue Benedyka introduced the concept of a Strategic Plan to members and outlined the need for it.

She distributed sheets and then asked everyone to do a SWOT analysis


11th May: Tracy Mullins - Gorman House Disability and Aged Care Respite

Tracey Mullins gave an overview of Gorman House Respite Care. 


18th May: International Night - Greg Aplin MP

He encouraged everyone to enjoy the journey of life and never to be too busy to explore and enjoy the joys alsong the way.


28 September - Ros Vodusec - Rich Glen

September 14 - Lila Bennett - My life with Polio

There are at present over 400,000 survivors of Polio in Australia and approximately 80% of these will develop Post Polio Syndrome...................


8th December: John Taylor - Our Website

John  demonstrated to members how the club’s website works.  It can be used to add Community events as well as Rotary information.


18th August, Priscilla Jones

28 July - Mark Henderson - Moira CEO

Mark has been CEO of several northern Shires. He sees the CEO position as a General Manager and Public Interest should be the main issue in the long term. 


22nd July

Our Speaker was Sue Buckman, on the important topic of using a  Defibrillator


2nd March: PNG Team

Tony Thomas introduced the Team who went to PNG near Mt. Hagen in the Western Highlands.  They were Members, Clyde, Dave and Noel Thomas; former member, Peter Kilpatrick; Will Sloane our Vocational Award winner, and Bud Cashen from the USA.


3rd June - President Elect Rob Wallace

PE Rob presented the results of the recent Members' Survey.  Lively discussion followed with the general consensus that while the club was in a pretty healthy state, there are some areas for improvement. In any event we must never be complacent and should be driving for constatnt improvement.   Another survey is planned for about six months hence.

20th May - Madi Humphrey

Murray Darling Freshwater School

Maddi Humphy, a Year 11 student at Yarrawonga P12, told of her experience at the Murray Darling Freshwater School. She met lots of new friends and they saw how water is used and managed for society.


26th August: Yarrawonga P-12 Kokoda

Students from Years 10 and 11, including Ash, Zoe, Lachie and David, along wityh Miss Rachel Guppy,  will be walking The Kokoda Track later this year. They have been working hard, fund raising and  training in preparartion for the trip. In support of this great program, President Rob presented  them with a cheque for $3000.


September 24 - James Walters, Moira Shire : Green Waste Recycling

James Walters from Moira Shire spoke about the new Organic Waste system soon to be introduced.


1st December, Joe Cilia - The Person Behind The Badge

Joe thanked members for their warm welcome and friendship. He was born in Malta and as his father was in the Navy he was away often for extended periods..........


24th November, Michael Dove- Establishing a successful business

Mick has found the pitfalls of running a business at a distance, and the main points to establish a successful business.


71 Speakers Items found:      Showing Speakers Items 26 - 50